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Designing a Garden Rockery

A rock garden is a landscape composition in which plants, rocks, and stones of different sizes with other decorative elements such as stairs, waterfalls, fountains and small watercourses are interleaved. They are also an option to save uneven terrain or to separate sets of plants. Read full article to know more about Retaining Walls and related services in Seattle. you can get info about massage on Marysville Massage .

Rocks, stones, and earth

checking_the_waterfall_newPrior to the creation of the rockery, the step is to prepare the ground where it will be located. To do this, you must remove weeds, stones, and lumps or blocks of land. Then the earth adds a substrate appropriate for the species that form part of the rockery. Thus, plants get water and nutrients to grow healthy, with a bright green and lasting bloom.

To make the rockery, sandstone rocks of different sizes are needed without arcades- edges, sandstone starting to build the larger pieces and make decorative borders, granite gravel, and crushed oyster shells. The latter two materials serve to maintain the pH and soil moisture.

rock_garden22-350×0 The largest stones should form the “backbone” of the rockery. They have to be placed with a slight slope towards the back. Thus, it is achieved that the water arrives safely to the roots of plants, which are fixed on the ground through a deep hole in the ground and remain subject after entering below the projections of the same few pieces of stone starting, as a wedge. Then land on the back of the rock spreads.

The work must be done from the bottom of the slope. The result consists of a series of steps with a slight incline towards the back of the mound so that no rock exceeds the other happens to it. The composition of rocks, stones and earth must seem as natural as possible.

Once the outcrop or rock mass finished, a groove around the mound is excavated and skirts with slivers of sandstone. Then it let the land sit for at least a couple of weeks before placing plants.

Vegetable composition

01826897419a2f93af1443cc795fa0e7To make the composition of the plant rockery species should be chosen to remain attractive at different times. They are preferable plants whose flowering periods are consecutive.

In general, the plants should be placed in successive steps, so that the end result is a harmonious blend of colors and shapes.

Higher copies are placed in the center and at the top of the rockery. Then the plottable medium sized copies. Low-lying areas and free spaces are filled with ground cover plants such as thyme, asters, cat’s claw or so.

You should choose alpine plants or mountainous areas, accustomed to living among rocks and with a littleThis group includes the Campanula carpatica or bell, autumn crocuses, and saxifrage. Along with these, they can be planted low – growing shrubs, dwarf conifers and perennials such as cat’s claw, asters or gazania. If you want to include bulbous, the most suitable are the narcissus, iris, cyclamen, and tulip.

Once all the plants are watered to settle the roots. Then it extends around granitic gravel and crushed oyster shells. So the soil moisture is maintained.

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